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Deco 50


The RAID Deco 50 course is designed to be a persons first step into Technical Diving. This course is one of the more instructive entry level technical programs around.

This course will successfully train divers to dive to a depth of 50m while going beyond their decompression limits and using a decompression gas. It is a comprehensive course that will give the student all the skills, knowledge and experience to safely complete 50m dives.


6 - 7 Days


The use of double tanks (twin set) and a stage tank will be included within the price of the course as well as all gas.

You will need to bring:
Exposure Suit: Wet Suit (minimum 5mm full length with hood) or a dry suit.
Dive Computer: Please let us know what kind of dive computer you have before arrival to make sure it’s suitable for the kind of diving we will be doing. Most dive computers that have the ability to do a “Gas Switch” will suffice.
1 Back up Timing Device: A secondary timing device or bottom timer
Masks: One primary mask and one back up mask.
Fins: Any fins besides split fins and you should be okay. Recommended “tec style” or jet fins.
Tec Pockets: If you own tec pockets or pocket shorts, please bring them.
Compass: One that points north is preferable
SMB and spool: 1 Orange SMB and 1 finger spool (minimum 40m length)
1 Back Up spool: 1 finger spool (minimum 30m Length)


18 years old
Certified Diver for at least 3 months
40m Certification
First Aid and 02 Certification
Rescue Certification
Have experience in Navigation / Night or Limited Visibility
Have 75 Logged dives (or 50 hours)


What Does the Deco 50 Program allow me to do?

Dive to a maximum of 50 meters
Use Air, Nitrox, Trimix, and Oxygen
Plan for a max of 30 minutes of Decompression Obligation
Use 1 decompression gas (Up to 100% Oxygen)

Price includes Training, Material, and Certification fee. It does NOT include gas used on the course, any equipment rental, or liveaboard fees.

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