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The RSE Experience

At Red Sea Explorers we offer an unbeatable liveaboard adventure with diving opportunities all over the Red Sea. Specialised in technical diving, we encourage and support research and exploration projects, as well as cater for recreational divers who seek to improve their skills and learn from the technical diving operations happening onboard. 

Manoeuvred by an expert team of guides, diving destinations are numerous and variably challenging; across the Red Sea you may find playful, easygoing dives, as well as seek deeper, more expert excursions. 

The MV Tala and the MV Nouran provide a comfortable, accommodating home on the Red Sea. Apart from the spacious lounges and relaxations areas, the cozy cabins with ensuite bathrooms, the fleet is equipped with a full range of professional and technical dive gear, including a variety of tanks, gases and underwater scooters. 

The RSE crew is competent and well versed in handling the sophisticated equipment required for deep diving; over the past decade we have facilitated and supported dives as deep as 180 metres, as well as arranged the logistics for various research and conservation efforts. 

The Red Sea Explorers team invites you aboard for a once in a lifetime diving adventure.

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