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Tom Hanks with Red Sea Explorers

Tom Hanks with Red Sea Explorers

Red Sea Explorers has had the pleasure of hosting and supporting German filmmaker Tom Tykver and the one and only Tom Hanks on their latest movie project Hologram for the King. The movie is based on a 2012 novel by Dave Eggers.

Tom Hanks plays the role of a struggling American salesman who travels to Saudi Arabia to sign a contract with a wealthy monarch, but instead finds himself entangled in a series of ­misadventures.

 It was a challenging experience for the Red Sea Explorers team to work on set with the great team formed by people from around the globe. The camera crew, doubles, wardrobe and all involved performed flawlessly.  Everyone worked together in sync on the platforms of the Red Sea Explorers vessels that were suddenly transformed into Hollywood filmmaking sets. Well, Berlin filmmaking sets since it’s a German Production House.

 A great thanks goes out to all, especially Jan Hoffman for recommending Red Sea Explorers for this project. Ola Rushdi, Moustafa Faramawy and all the Mad Owl production team that handled the local permissions and logistics, they did a fantastic job. The topside filming crew and the doubles and all the gang, thanks for making it all work. Finally the Red Sea Explorers team from boat crew to divers… we delivered.  Here’s to getting more of these gigs in the future.