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TDI - Technical Dive Propulsion Vehicle Course


The TDI Technical DPV course is one of the most fun and exciting courses a diver can take. Being on a DPV is always a great time and increcdily useful in many different situations.

This course will education the diver in all the appropriate skills and drills nessicary to operate a DPV but will also prepare the diver for the worst case scenarios that can happen when DPV-ing.


2 - 3 Days


At RSE we have several different types of DPVs but know that your certification will be valid for all types of DPVs.

For the DPV course all you will need is your current dive set up. From recreational to technical this course is adaptive. We prefer if divers show up in a Back-plate and wing with a crotch strap, but if you do not have that it is not a problem at all just make sure to tell us before hand.


Open Water Diver


The course will cover:
Basic DPV Operation
Emergency Procedures
Gas consumption considerations
and a whole lot of fun.

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TDI - Technical Dive Propulsion Vehicle Course

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